BARTRAM SPRINGS Duval County, Florida
BartramSpringspoolBartran Springs Aerial view

Bartram Springs is a 1,100-acre property located in southern Duval County, east of I-95, west of U.S. 1 and north of Racetrack Road. The same was planned as a single-family residential community of 1,349 homes, and an extensive recreation center, a community park and environmentally sensitive preservation of on-site wetlands.

Lots are 50', 60', 70', and 80' frontages many with long vistas over preserved areas. Many of the lots not on the preserve boundaries are directly on lakes. Some medium density multifamily were also included.

Bartram Springs was designed to encompass the feel and ambiance of an "Old Florida" community. Architectural and landscape details were carefully selected to provide residents with a lifestyle mood that enhances the feeling that they are living in a very special community.

This office was responsible for the planning and design of the Main Entrance to the community, the Amenity Center and the Community Park as well as the writing of the Architectural Guidelines.

The Amenity Center design was the winner of 4 "Best in Florida" Awards for best site planning, best architecture, best interior and best outdoor facilities, which included a water slide tower into one of its 2 Super Pools. The main Entrance was also the winner of 2 "Best in Florida" awards for its unusual site planning and architecture.

After having completed the writing of the Architectural Guidelines, which dictated the parameters of the architectural restrictions related to the housing products offered by the homebuilders and the future improvements by the homeowners, this office was asked by the developer and the subsequent Home Owner Association to chair the Architectural Control Committee. This office continued to provide the service of review and approval process for years after the developer was long gone.