CITY VISTA Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
City Vista Site Plan and Building Prototype

City Vista is located on 26.8 acres behind the Parkway Center offi ce complex, and is the site of the former Parkway Center Driving Range. Located in both Green Tree Borough and the City of Pittsburgh, the site is both in the City and in the suburbs. The site is uniquely positioned along I-376 / S 279 and offers tremendous opportunity for housing. Easy access to Downtown Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh International Airport and the surrounding suburbs, gives this site tremendous appeal to potential new residents.

Parkway Center is thriving offi ce and retail complex, but the missing component has always been housing. The City Vista project proposed 418 new units of high-end housing in a mixture of building sizes and unit types.

The site is a dramatic bowl or depression which offers great views of the Pittsburgh skyline on the perimeter. However, once inside there is a sense of seclusion and community created by the natural topography and the surrounding woodlands.

The final master plan addressed both challenges and takes
advantage of the great City views. Buildings are located along an arching roadway, facing into a central green space which contains a club house, pool and recreation facilities. The perimeter vegetation surrounding the site will be retained. Tall buildings are tucked into the topography with parking on the lower levels or in the rear. Different addresses are created within a single cohesive plan, higher end units on the upper floors of the taller buildings take advantage of the internal and external views, smaller buildings in the center of the site create a “village” atmosphere and offer a different type of living. Although
the site is actually two different municipalities, there is no difference between units in Green Tree or Pittsburgh. All buildings have a similar architectural character and utilize similar materials such as brick, stucco and glazing.

The goal of the master plan was to create a transit-oriented
development, one that reduces dependence on the automobile and is “green” and healthy. Public transportation lines serve the site and parkway Center, and residents who work in Parkway Center will be encouraged to walk to work or shopping. The site is a network of trails and sidewalks that connect the buildings to the green spaces, to the overlooks to the recreation facilities.